Friday, October 3, 2008

Lists and lists

Hello company girls!  I don't drink coffee, so won't you join me for some Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea, or a Non-fat sugar-free hazlenut steamer?  :)  I'm addressing all the things I need to do this weekend... Commiserate with me, won't you?  Just click the button above to get back to this week's coffee.

I make lots of lists.  Lists of what we're going to eat, what I need at the store, lists of what I need to read for class, lists of to-do's around the house.... I guess I'm currently making a list of a list!  Anyway, I think they're a good organizational tool.  So, today, I have several lists to keep me organized!!  These are lists for the weekend.

For school:
  1. Literature search for Assistantship 1 (on fertility choices and infertility... so interesting!)
  2. Data analysis for Assistantship 2 (on aging services)
  3. Article review for Systems class
  4. Journal entry for Systems class
  5. Read chapter 2 Patterson book (Essential Skills in Family Therapy)
  6. Read DSM
  7. Read chapter 19 in Maxmen & Ward (Psychopathology book)
  8. Read chapter 12 in Preston (Psychopharmacology book)
  9. Read Selvani chapters (for pre-practicum)
  10. Complete take-home final for Family Theory (due Tuesday)
For home/self:
  1. Repaint nails
  2. Track calories eaten
  3. Exercise (Cooking Light had a nice home work-out in it last month)
  4. Cook dinner (see below list of what we're eating this week!)
  5. clean litterbox done!
Meal Planning:
  • Friday: Spicy rotel chicken, black beans, mexican rice
  • Saturday: Baked breaded tilapia, asian veggie mix (from Green Giant), rolls
  • Sunday: Pork chop skillet, special green beans (didn't get cooked last week!)
  • Monday: Teriyaki tenderloin (Hormel marinated; it's very good!), rolls, mixed veggies (from Green Giant again)
  • Tuesday: Homemade pizza
Finally, Rachel Anne is asking us all to think about the weekend and plan ahead.  She asks what we'll eat, what we'll wear, and what we can cut out.  I addressed what we'll eat above.  As far as what I'm going to wear... Tomorrow it will be school colors (football game tomorrow night!!) and jeans, and on Sunday, I think I will wear my pink skirt and black top.  Well, that was easy!  :)  As far was what we can cut out... Uh... I don't know!  I have so much to do this weekend!  I think I'm going to cut out some of the less essentials (i.e. watching tv, spending too much time reading blogs, etc.)  By doing this and sticking to my list, hopefully I'll be able to get everything done that I need to do this weekend!!


Claudia said...

Grace, I've never had a Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea or a Non-fat sugar-free hazlenut steamer, but I'd love to try one.

My, you are a busy girl! I especially appreciate the meal plan. I have such trouble coming up with meal ideas.

Fishy Girl said...

That is some seriously heavy reading to do this weekend. Have fun at the football game!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I´m a non-blogging company girl - thanks for having me over (o; I love what you did with that closet in your previous apartment! And your blog design is great! I´ll be back (o: Shelley

Erin said...

I thought our weekend was busy. Sounds like everything is under control, and your weekend will run smoothly.

mholgate said...

Wow, those are some good lists! You sound like a busy girl! Thanks for taking time to share with all of us company girls! : ) I didn't have time to post today. Maybe tomorrow.

p.s. I put things on my list like "smile at yourself in the mirror," just so that I can cross it off!

forgetfulone said...

Wow! You are a great planner. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but since you're so organized, you'll get it done.

Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea sounds delicious!

Rachel Anne said...

I hope you had a great weekend! Sorry it took so long for me to stop over...I've been gone all weekend. got nothing done on my list, but had fun at a ladies retreat. Your lists sound entirely exhausting and brain-frying! I hope you got to squeeze in a little fun!

The tea sounds incredible. mmmmm!

Wani said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. Enjoy!