Friday, May 1, 2009

{inter}National Scrapbooking Day/Weekend

{Look here for my introduction to Digital Scrapbooking. Also, a gallery of my favorite pages I have made is here.)

If you've ever had an inkling of wanting to try digital scrapbooking, this weekend is the time to jump in! In honor of iNSD, people are going to be giving things away like crazy! If you're going to be downloading freebies, here's a few good rules of thumb:
1. Don't download something you KNOW you won't use.
2. Only download if you think you would buy it.
3. After you've downloaded, immediately delete things that are unnecessary (the no piracy graphics, extra kit previews, fan blinkies, etc... even the parts of the kit you don't like (i.e. computer generated ribbons, for me!)

Here are a few great freebies I have found so far:
Several free kits here for a design competition.
There's a giant really pretty kit here if you sign up for the forums and log in.
A gorgeous kit at DigiShopTalk created by The Digichick designers (that means something, I promise... something good!). This thread explains how to get it.

That should get you started! :) If I find anything else really good, I'll update this post. If you have any questions about digital scrapbooking, PLEASE ask!!!

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