Thursday, August 6, 2009

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

I'm starting a project. I love digital scrapbooking, but I have a lot of trouble figuring out what to make pages of. Most people scrap their kids, and that won't work for me. I've tried scrapping pictures of friends' kids, which is fun, but I don't feel really pushed to do it. So, I was reading a blog post about something called the "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life." Basically, you create a book that has information about you for all of the letters of the alphabet. So far, I've made a list of 3 words (about; some were harder!) for each letter that fit me or I have a story about. I'm loving my list--it's so me. I'll make a page for each of these words, then have it all printed into a book.

Here's my list:
A: Apartments, Antique Furniture, Alarm Clock
B: Blogs, Bookworm, Brother
C: Car/Carolla, Churches, Cooking
D: Desserts, Dreams, Digital Scrapbooking
E: Engagement, Electronics (DVR, Apple, etc.), Eyes
F: Faith, Family, Flute, Football
G: Grandparents, Guilty Pleasures, Growing Up
H: Haircut, Holidays, Hometown
I: Ice Cream (Favorite), Internet, iPhone
J: Jonathan, Job History, Jewelry
K: Keepsakes, Kids, Karaoke
L: Lola, Living Simply, Laundry
M: Marriage, Mexican Food, Movies
N: Name, Nerves, Nicknames
O: OBU, OSU, Oklahoma
P: Parents, Procrastination, Pratt (Maiden Name)
Q: Quiet, Quotes, Quirks
R: Rachels, Research, Recipes
S: Salutatorian, Sophie, Sushi
T: TV, Therapist, Texas
U: Unorganized, Unfinished, Understanding
V: Values, Vacations (Cruises), Visiting
W: Wedding, Wine, Weight
X: Expenses, Exercise, (Extreme? Extraordinary?)
Y: Youth group, Year (seasons), Yummy Flavors
Z: Zzzzzz... (Sleeping), Zodiac (Sagittarius)

It's an ambitious project, but I think if I streamline it by using the same format for each page, it will turn out just fine. Now, I just need to pick a template and a kit or some kits to work from. I'll update you again when that's done!!

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